An unforgettable journey awaits you with our tours consisting of exciting routes that we have prepared for you…” 

3 Nights /4 Days

With this tour, we offer you a quick trip to Afghanistan. You will have the opportunity to learn many things about Afghanistan on this tour where we will visit Kabul and its surroundings…

A journey from the 5th century BC Bala Hissar to the Babur gardens, from the National Museum of Afghanistan to the Pul-i Bag Bazaar where you can shop awaits you. Of course, there will also be flavor stops we will visit in our remaining time 😊

6 Nights /7 Days

In addition to “QUICKLY LOOK TOURS”, we will have a more comprehensive visit to Kabul and 2 Nights visit to Bamyan City, where the Bamyan Buddha Statues were completed in the 6th century AD.

9 Nights /10 Days

In addition to our comprehensive trip to Kabul, a visit to the city of Herat, which awaits us with its historical bazaars and beauties.

2 Nights visit to Bamyan City where the Bamyan Buddha Statues completed in the 6th century AD are located.

A visit to Ghazni city with its historical walls and Soviet War Remains.

12 Nights /13 Days

In addition to our comprehensive trip to Kabul, a visit to the city of Herat, which awaits us with its historical bazaars and beauties.

Visit to the city of Bamyan with the Bamyan Buddha Statues completed in the 6th century AD.

A visit to Gazni city with its historical walls and Soviet War Remains.

Visit to Kandahar City, the starting point of the Taliban. Or a visit to Mazar-i-Sharif, the 4th largest city in Afghanistan.

In group tours, tours can be organized according to demand. Contact us for your Special Tour Program requests...

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This tour aims to provide a private and customized experience.

Afghanistan VIP Tour: A Unique Experience

Afghanistan is an impressive destination with its complex history, spectacular landscapes and cultural richness. Afghanistan VIP Tour offers you the opportunity to discover the beauty and richness of this beautiful country in an exclusive way. Discover the mysterious world of Afghanistan in a private and personalized experience.

Private Guides and Comfortable Accommodation

VIP Tour offers you a private guide and luxury accommodation options. Professional guides will guide you to gain an in-depth understanding of Afghanistan’s historical and cultural fabric. In addition, you can spend every moment of your trip comfortably with comfortable and safe accommodation options.

Personalized Programs

Afghanistan VIP Tour can be customized according to your interests and demands. You can focus on different themes such as history, culture, nature or local cuisine.

Afghanistan VIP Tour aims to offer an exclusive experience and gives you the opportunity to discover the riches of this country in an unprecedented way. Discover the mysterious world of Afghanistan from a VIP perspective.

Afghanistan Family Tours: A Family Adventure Full of Discovery

Afghanistan is a fascinating destination offering natural beauty surrounded by historical and cultural richness.

Afghanistan Family Tours offer families the opportunity to explore this magnificent country and make unforgettable memories together. This adventurous journey with the family is waiting for you!

Learn about local traditions and participate in the life of the locals as a family.

Make unforgettable memories together and discover the fascinating world of Afghanistan.


Meet the Historical Riches of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a fascinating country, home to thousands of years of rich history and culture. Historically important as one of the transit routes of the legendary Silk Road, this country is ready to enchant you with its stunning landscapes, mystical atmosphere and impressive historical sites.

Some Fascinating Historical Places

Bamiyan Valley: In this valley of Buddha statues, you can dive into the mysterious history of Afghanistan by tracing the traces of the past.

Kabul: The capital Kabul is a unique city that combines ancient and modern elements. Explore historic sites such as Darul Aman Palace and Paghman Gardens.

Herat: This city in western Afghanistan is famous for its magnificent mosques, historic fortresses and handicrafts.

Cultural Exploration of Afghanistan: Splendor of History and Traditions

Afghanistan offers a fascinating travel destination with its rich and diverse cultural heritage. This country has been home to various civilizations for thousands of years and holds many legacies from this past. Cultural tours of Afghanistan allow you to discover ancient traditions, historical sites and hospitable people.

Herat is fascinating with its historic mosques, fortresses and old city fabric. Places such as the old city market (Jiyan Shar) and the Musalla Complex are indispensable for cultural tours.

Local Traditions and Art

Handicrafts and Carpets: Afghanistan is famous for its handicrafts and hand-woven carpets. You can buy these handicraft products in the markets in Herat and Kabul.

Afghanistan cultural tours are an opportunity for you to experience the splendor of history and traditions. Make a travel plan now to have this unforgettable experience and discover the cultural richness of Afghanistan.


Afghanistan has great potential for business people and professionals who want to explore opportunities in business and explore local markets.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Afghanistan is a key destination in Central Asia, offering potential for growth in trade and business. This tour offers business people and professionals the opportunity to explore the trade and investment opportunities of this country. Be open to business developments and open new business doors.

Trade and Cooperation Opportunities

Trade Fairs: Trade fairs organized in Afghanistan are platforms where local and international businesses exhibit their products and where you can search for cooperation opportunities.

Investment and Business Meetings: Take a closer look at Afghanistan’s economic potential through exclusive business meetings and investment opportunities.

Market Research and Strategy Development

Afghanistan Exhibition and Trade Tours offer you the opportunity to better understand the local markets. Meet local businesses, analyze the competition and build business relationships with local suppliers.

Cultural and Historical Riches

You may want to take an interest not only in the business side of Afghanistan, but also in its historical and cultural riches. The Bamyan Valley, the historic district of Herat and the museums in Kabul will add a cultural dimension to your business trip.

We offer the perfect opportunity to explore new business opportunities and expand your trade networks. Open the doors of the business world in a new market and get the keys to new successes.


Afghanistan’s rich historical and cultural heritage and natural beauty can be a fascinating destination for many travelers hungry for discovery.

Afghanistan Discovery Tours: Journey to a Mysterious World

Afghanistan is known for its historical and cultural richness, breathtaking natural beauty and mysterious landscapes. Afghanistan Discovery Tours offer you the opportunity to explore this magnificent country and open the doors of adventure. Open up to discovery and discover the mysterious world of Afghanistan!

Nature and Landscape Exploration

Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountains: Afghanistan is home to impressive mountain ranges and natural beauty. You can enjoy nature by trekking or mountaineering in these regions.

Band-e Amir National Park: This national park is famous for its spectacular waterways and lakes. An exploration tour here will allow you to discover the unique beauties of nature.

Historical and Cultural Riches

Ancient Bamyan Valley: Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bamyan Valley is famous for its ancient Buddhist statues and caves. It is an unforgettable experience to closely examine the historical and cultural heritage here.

Explore the mysterious world of Afghanistan and seek new adventures.


Those who want to discover the important historical and cultural traces of Islam; are you ready for a magnificent experience?

Afghanistan Religious Tours: Journey to the Roots of Islam

Afghanistan is a treasure trove for those who want to understand the rich history and cultural heritage of Islam. Our organized tours offer you the opportunity to explore the religious richness of this country and take an in-depth journey to the roots of Islam.

Historic Mosques and Masjids

Mosque Shahi Shah-e Do Shamshira: The largest mosque in Afghanistan, Mosque Shahi Shah-e Do Shamshira is an impressive example of Islamic architecture. By visiting this mosque, you can get a closer look at the traces of Islam in Afghanistan.

Mosques of Herat: The city of Herat is famous for its historic mosques. The Grand Mosque of Herat (Jameh Herat) and others are excellent places to explore the rich religious and cultural details.

Mazar-i-Sharif Mosque: It is also called the Blue Mosque. This mosque is believed to be the tomb of Hz. Ali, the 4th Khalifah of the Muslims, and its magnificent architectural style has made it one of Afghanistan’s famous tourist destinations. The mosque was restored in the mid-20th century and is one of the best preserved historical sites in Afghanistan.


The traces of war tour offers a perspective for those who want to explore a deep resonance of history and world events.

Traces of War in Afghanistan Tour: Understanding the Past and Contemplating the Future

Afghanistan is known for its complex history in recent years, and the traces of the wars fought in this land have left a deep impact on the past and future of this country. The “Traces of War Tour,” offers an unforgettable experience for history buffs and those who want to delve deeper into world events. However, the safety of such a tour is of paramount importance and care should be taken when traveling.

Historical and Cultural Depth

Kabul City, the capital of Afghanistan, is home to many historical sites bearing the traces of past wars. You can visit the areas damaged during the Soviet occupation to understand the historical and cultural depth of this city.

Opportunity for Reflection and Discussion

This kind of tour provides an opportunity to understand and reflect on the effects of war on people and societies. By interacting with local people, you can listen to their stories and gain different perspectives.

The Traces of War in Afghanistan Tour offers an experience full of historical and cultural depth. Follow the traces of the past to think about the future and better understand the complex history of this country.


Adventure tours can offer a unique experience for travelers who love natural beauty, mountaineering and exploration opportunities.

Afghanistan Adventure Tours: Adventure in the Heights

Afghanistan can be a paradise for adventure seekers with its magnificent mountains, natural beauty and unexplored landscapes. Afghanistan Adventure Tours offer the opportunity to experience the wild nature of this country and exciting discoveries. Adventure in the heights awaits you!

Mountaineering and Trekking

Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountains: Afghanistan is an attractive destination for mountaineers and trekking lovers worldwide. Explore these magnificent mountains with summit climbs and long treks.

Mountain Villages: Visit traditional Afghan villages at the foot of the mountains and get a closer look at the local way of life.

Sahara Safaris

The deserts of southern Afghanistan are ideal for field safaris. Explore historical sites and see the fascinating landscapes of the desert.

Sports and Action

Mountain Biking Biking in the mountains is an exciting way to enjoy nature.

Paragliding: Take in the spectacular views from the high peaks of Afghanistan by paragliding.

Afghanistan Adventure Tours offer a unique experience for nature lovers and exploration enthusiasts. However, you should keep in mind that such tours are challenging and risky. Join your adventure quest prepared and explore the natural beauty of Afghanistan.


Scientific research and exploration tours to Afghanistan offer a fascinating opportunity for scientists, researchers and academics who want to explore the rich history, culture and nature of this country.

Journey from the Past to the Future

With its rich history, cultural diversity and natural beauty, Afghanistan is an exciting laboratory for scientific discovery. With this tour, we offer scientists, researchers and academics the opportunity to explore the riches of the country. We offer a unique travel opportunity especially for academic staff who want to see the traces of the Babur state on the spot.

Archaeological Discoveries and Excavations

The ancient Bamyan Valley: Afghanistan is steeped in thousands of years of history. The Bamyan Valley is famous for its Buddhist statues and caves, and archaeological excavations here can yield fascinating results.

Historical Remains: Afghanistan is full of ancient cities, fortresses and mosques. Exploration of these sites can help uncover new knowledge in the fields of history and archaeology.

Nature and Environmental Research

Mountaineering and Nature Exploration: Afghanistan is home to spectacular natural regions such as the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. It is an ideal environment to study geography, flora and fauna.

Water Resources Research: Afghanistan’s rivers and lakes can be an interesting subject for scientists interested in research on water resources.

Cultural and Language Studies

Scientific research in Afghanistan can include not only history and nature, but also cultural and linguistic diversity. Such research can be done to better understand the lifestyle and traditions of the Afghan people.

Afghanistan Scientific Research and Study Tours offer a unique opportunity for those who want to make scientific discoveries and better understand the riches of this country. Explore the mysterious world of Afghanistan and make scientific contributions.

You can also get more information and support through face-to-face meetings with local academic institutions and experts.


Flavor tours to Afghanistan offer a great opportunity for gourmet travelers who want to explore the rich and diverse cuisine of this country. Afghan cuisine is famous for its flavors reflecting historical and cultural diversity.

Afghanistan Flavor Tours: A Sweet and Spicy Adventure

Afghanistan has a unique culinary heritage that reflects its historical and cultural richness. Afghanistan Flavor Tours offer the opportunity to discover the amazing dishes and traditional flavors of this country. A sweet and spicy adventure begins for food lovers!

Traditional Foods and Flavors

Kabuli Pilaf: The national dish of Afghanistan, this pilaf is a perfect blend of meat, rice and spices. The carrots and grapes added on top add a special flavor to the pilaf.

Mantu: It is a traditional type of ravioli. It is filled with meat and served with yogurt sauce.

Street Food and Bazaars

Afghanistan Flavor Tours offer the chance to explore street food and local markets. Eating fresh pita bread, kebabs or mantu from street stalls allows you to enjoy being a part of local life.

Tea and Nuts

Afghan Tea: Afghanistan’s traditional green tea is an aromatic drink. Offering tea to guests is a sign of welcome and sharing.

Dried fruits and nuts: Especially raisins and nuts are a must for every tea treat.

Afghanistan Flavor Tours offer an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore the rich and diverse cuisine of this country. Discover the taste of Afghanistan and dive into the flavors of this unique cuisine.


Humanitarian aid tours to Afghanistan provide an opportunity to help people with their needs in this country and raise public awareness. Humanitarian tours help individuals and groups come together around the principles of respect for humanity, cooperation and charity

Afghanistan Humanitarian Aid Tours: Take a Step for Change

Afghanistan is a country facing difficult circumstances and historical challenges. However, the Afghan people are characterized by resilience and determination, and it is time to lend them a helping hand.

Community Engagement

Education Projects: You can contribute to children’s education by supporting the education system in Afghanistan. Invest in the future by visiting schools and providing educational materials.

Health Initiatives: Visit health clinics to support Afghanistan’s healthcare system and help improve healthcare services.

Sustainability and Recovery

Infrastructure Projects: Improve people’s living conditions by volunteering in projects that strengthen infrastructure in Afghanistan.

Agriculture and Development: Support Afghanistan’s potential in agriculture, revitalize the local economy and contribute to food security.

Interaction with People in Need

Afghanistan Humanitarian Tours provide an opportunity to not only help, but also to connect with the local people. You can make a bigger impact by listening to people’s stories, interacting culturally and trying to understand the communities.