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The Taliban government is strengthening its Sharia-based rule in Afghanistan every day. As a result, corruption, bribery and crime rates have decreased significantly, while security and safety have increased rapidly. When we talk to shopkeepers in Kabul, we get the answer “During the American occupation, it was not possible to go out after 8 pm, but now people can walk on the streets until the late hours of the night”.

So yes, “Traveling to Afghanistan is as safe as traveling to many other countries”

Risks that apply to many destinations also apply to Afghanistan. Traffic Accident, theft, etc. The most obvious risks specific to Afghanistan are ISIS and landmines from the Soviet War. The Taliban is very determined about ISIS and does not make the slightest concession. Very soon ISIS may cease to be a problem for Afghanistan. As long as we are not in the wrong place at the wrong time, there is no problem. In order to offer you a safer trip, we conduct a risk analysis before each tour organization. Our travels will be very safe as we will be in constant contact with local and national police departments.

In a negative sense;

  • Be prepared for cold or heat, depending on the season you arrive,
  • Especially in rural areas, hygienic accommodation is very scarce,
  • You should be prepared for dust and not being able to bathe for a few days,
  • Long overland journeys on broken and dusty roads,
  • The world’s most delicious mutton is here, but you should keep your expectations low when it comes to food and drink. Sometimes bread with green or milk tea is a much better choice.

In a positive sense;

  • We have the opportunity to find many vegetables and fruits according to the season,
  • The locals are really very hospitable,
  • You will encounter a different landscape that will surprise you at every corner,
  • There will be moments of beautiful experiences for meat lovers,
  • We will have the opportunity to meet with some Islamic Emirate officials and ask questions.

No. There is currently no such service in Afghanistan. But you can contact the Insurance companies in your country.

  • Make sure to take your regular medication with you. If possible, have a medicine bag.
  • You should have good shoes.
  • A small flashlight can sometimes make your job easier.
  • You should take a powerbank for your cell phone.
  • When you retire to your room to rest, a notebook to write down your impressions of the day can be very useful.

Don’t worry, it is possible to find many things you need in Kabul.

  • As long as there are no major surgical interventions, there is no problem. We are also working on emergency evacuation scenarios.

    Passengers with allergic conditions (bee stings, food) should especially mention this. It is possible to access equivalent medicines without a prescription. However, passengers should still bring their special medicines. If possible, create a small medicine bag. We always have a first aid kit in our vehicles during our travels.

    We also have a TCCC-trained specialist. On the route we will travel, we determine the locations of the hospitals we can stop by in case of possible medical problems.

Afghan cuisine is characterized by intense flavors and fresh ingredients and is often associated with hospitality. Some of these dishes can be found with different variations in different regions, so it can be an interesting experience to try the local flavors when you visit Afghanistan.

Good flavors are waiting for you, especially when it comes to meat. There is also a rich variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits. However, sometimes you may have to choose fragrant tandoori bread and tea 🙂

We have good accommodation in the capital Kabul. However, we may not find the facilities in Kabul when we visit other cities. With the meetings we have held, we are increasing the improvements in this regard every day. But to be honest, you may have some hygiene problems.

Our negotiations with the Islamic Emirate are ongoing. Please contact us for more information.

Not as long as you follow the rules and respect different cultures. Because you are a guest in a country ruled by Islamic Sharia. And guests have important rights under Islamic Sharia.

We advise our visitors to wear local clothes in order not to attract too much attention and to blend in with the locals. Because in order to capture natural environments during our trips, our visitors should not attract too much attention.

If you want to use your own clothes, shorts and multi-colored dresses for men should not be used. It is important for women to wear long sleeves and head coverings. Our visitors should consider this situation not as an obligation but as a respect for a different culture.

Detailed information on the subject will be explained to our visitors in detail in the meetings we will hold before the trip.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us.